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“How do you know it’s here?” Terra mused.

“See those two?” Celes pointed.

“!” Terra gaped at the sight of two large ladies not too far off. One brushed her green hair flowing down to her waist, showing a back streaming with ripples. The muscles on them tensed and contracted like a miniature earthquake while her partner put her arm on her shoulder, revealing a mountainous bicep which pulsed in response to contacting a similarly hard mass. The other lady had similarly flowing blonde hair, a hue not too far off from Celes’.

“So does the competition start here?” Terra inquisited.

“We were told somewhere around here. Who are you?” the other blonde replied.

“Celes Chere. A general of my land, and you?”

“Well, I’m Rosa. I’ve fought things from the moon. So has Rydia here.”

“We killed a god.” Celes snarked back.

“....” Rydia and Rosa blanked for a moment, then turned their heads up to finally notice Terra was dwarfing both of them. Everyone else’s shoulders met somewhere within her pecs, their thighs like a mere one of her muscles, and her traps extending up to her head by at least one of their arm’s length above the rest.

“!” Terra then lifted up one of her legs, a barrel of sinew extending to the point it rubbed against her other, equally titanous one and beyond her hips, each having a surprisingly petite foot supporting them. Immediately she dropped it down as an explosion of jelly squeaked out from underneath.

“Flans?” the other 3 asked.
“....” Terra raised her arms to cast open a portal, spreading out and engulfing the four. After a brief flash they found themselves in a dimension made of empty space alone.
“Nothing gets destroyed he-” as Terra breathed out her pecs clenched together to push out what appeared to be mechanical remains, slipping out as she breathed back in to reveal the wreckage of what was once Warmech. “Except that.”

“!?” A breeze suddenly blew Rosa’s hair so it wrapped around her neck like a scarf. Turning behind her, she saw a flurry of hair resembling a tornado.

“How did she get here!?” Rydia gasped.  The tornado cleared up to reveal yet another lady of hulking stature comparable to all but Terra, but rather than wear some sort of clothing like the others she simply draped her hair loosely among her body, though in this case she deliberately brushed it back to reveal one thing she had unlike the others: a perky set of breasts atop her pecs, resting gently above her abs to the ebb and flow of her breath.

“Long time no see, eh?” she smirked before reaching her arms out wide, her hair also calming down to her legs while she puffed up her chest, her pecs pushing her breasts outward and widening her cleavage until it met at length with her neck.

Terra stared with a look of puzzlement as to how she even entered what was essentially a void created from nothing while Celes glared skeptically at the newcomer. Rydia and Rosa meanwhile clenched their fists as they prepared for battle, knowing exactly what was in front of them.
“I’m not here to fight. Who are the new girls?” she quipped out before any spells could be cast.
“Celes. She’s Terra, and you?”

“Barbariccia, Empress of the Winds.” Her hair began whirling up again as she flexed out her arms.  Her biceps lifted up to her neck while the winds rose her feet above the ground.  Her pulsating veins, now pushed up front from her contracting muscles, showed her pulse travel then to her triceps.  They puffed out akin to her biceps, swelling her arms out larger than her breasts while her hair swirled atop her head in a cyclone shape.

Taking up to the challenge, Rydia puffed her cheeks out as her spread her arms out. She flexed her biceps to match Barbariccia’s, pumping her veins out so they were rubbing against her skin.  She then clenched her fists as she flexed even further, pushing her biceps beyond the hair cyclone initially topping them.  Rosa followed suit by centering her arms around her pecs, showing her biceps cover her entire chest area in one concentrated flex, then elevating her arms up to show her triceps catch up as they extended past Barbariccia’s hair.  Realizing her arms hadn’t balanced out yet, Rydia pumped her arms so her triceps extended below her pecs, her veins pushing out even further into her skin as more energy coursed throughout them.

“So how far do hers go?” Barbariccia pointed to Terra.

“....” Terra stood completely still while her arms swelled out from both her biceps and triceps, widening at first so that the former rubbed against each other until they pushed her arms further out and the latter balled out so her arms also exceeded the size of her particularly dominant pecs.  Lifting her arms up, Terra then halted to show her biceps now mountaining beyond anyone’s range of sight, but the rest of the girls could sense their continuing expansion from the surrounding veins swelling unyieldingly.

“There are more muscles than biceps though,” Barbariccia quipped as she turned her back towards the others, showing her lats pulse out and widen out her shoulders, then stretch her traps up to her head, her neck now seeming like a triangular mass of flesh and sinew. Thrusting her body out, she showed her breasts widening to match her back, then perking up as they ballooned out to maintain their previous dimension. Lifting her head up as she let her arms down, she then flexed her abs out, a set of slabs pushing her breasts back up to their original position, then stretching her lower body to match the gains she had put on her lats.  Her thighs followed next, expanding out like two cylinders while their surfaces grew increasingly rigid, followed by her calves forming two balls comparable to her breasts.  Having had reached the peak of her powers, her hair began to spew an electric storm which coursed throughout her body, leading to her clenching her fists and then dropping down full force from her levitating state.  As she landed her electric current grounded itself and her impact gave off a shock wave.

“Whoa,” Celes remarks as the wave ran under all their feet.

“Was I supposed to feel something?” Terra inquired having had been unshaken by the wave unlike the rest.

“You can’t be serious,” Barbariccia uttered nervously seeing all her might was nothing compared to the gargantuan being towering above them.

“Don’t forget us!” Rydia and Rosa chimed, stretching their arms out to show their lats pulsate outward, flexing their shoulders out wider to match.  Their pecs puffed out likewise, showing the sinew among them form an increasingly concentrated series of valleys, clenching tighter as they pulled their arms back in over and pushed out their stomachs, showing a brick wall of abs stretch out to match their pecs’ width.  Veins across the both of them pulsed out as they flexed their arms back out, showing the blood pump next into their legs as their thighs rubbed against each other from swelling out.  Clenching their fists in, both their thighs then widened out to extend beyond their sides, then bent down to show their calves push against their legs, swelling out like a set of balls as they elevated their thighs back up to their standing position, then dropping their arms in relief after flexing as hard as they possibly could.  They stood on level with Barbariccia, who began sweating bullets at the display of raw strength.

“Eh-heh....” she snickered nervously as her hair drooped over her face in humiliation. “Just show me how big you get Terra so I can see how truly worthless my build is.”

“It’s still bigger than most back where I know,” Terra remarked as her pecs and lats expanded past everyone else’s line of sight, leaving a giant wall of sinew with cleavage in the center for the rest to see. Her waist however didn’t seem to widen as the others had, instead showing her abs clenching increasingly tighter within themselves to support her upper body, showing a Pollock painting of veins grow out from them as they put all their effort in.
“Say does the place feel fleshier or is that just me?” Barbariccia questioned before noticing the everyone else, including her, were now up against Terra’s pecs and a seemingly invisible wall.
“CAN THIS PLACE EVEN HOLD HER!?” she exclaimed.

“I can make some adjustments, I think,” Terra replied as her thighs widened out to match her pecs, showing two massive tree trunks widen her own hips in the process to maintain their proportion with the rest of her body, all the while her calves blossomed into a duo of globes so that her legs wouldn’t collapse.

“I should probably stop now. I could break the boundaries of this dimension.”
Falling down to Terra’s hourglass of a waist, Barbariccia clung onto what felt like a rock climbing wall of veins, catching her breath after being up against the largest pecs she’d ever seen.

“I must say, I gotta figure out how I can get power like this. Could use a bigger waist though. This one’s like a single column upholding a town hall!”


“NONE OF YOU KNOW HOW TO GET THIS POWER!?” Barbariccia cried in disappointment.

“Beats me. She just kinda got it,” Celes shrugged.

“If you could teach us it’d be a treat,” Rydia remarked.

“..........Even I don’t fully know how I got these, but I can try passing them on however I know. When should we start?”

“How about whenever we get a bigger space than this heap?” Barbariccia quipped as the rest chuckled realizing just where they were.


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