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Day 1

It begins today. I have struggled with whether it has to be done this way, but I have gone too far down this path to go back. By my own ideology this shouldn’t even be my place, but the men are too flaccid to reclaim their natural roles. The feminization of men, as exemplified by Eddie Izzard, has made them unable to act as the muscle of the family, which is dire in a time our populations have declined in growth as Qatar is literally sucking the IQ out of us through uncontrolled migration. I’m starting a process to reclaim the Spartan instincts of man, documenting them here in hope of reviving our old championing of strength as the prime means of command.  I had to struggle in science with my bell curved IQ, but no one man in this place was willing to pursue my level of muscle and brain research, saying they were scared of being too “patriarchal.” These fuckers need a reminder of their role, so if they refuse to face their true calling I will create something to bring it to them.  After stocking up on nootropics to elevate my IQ above the my fellow reluctant goy, I have engineered a concoction to up my allure and boost my own strength, which veers off the standard trad path but seems to be necessary to bring in an unsuspecting mate so I can make a Chad out of him. Improving my own strength will also assist my own childmaking abilities, which I will need so my Chad-to-be has a suitable womb for the securing of our existence.

My concoction is an assimilation of my own blend of nootropics, plus ayahuasca, which I will explain in layman’s terms and publish the recipe should it turn out a success.  Besides an amplification of the same nootropics I used to amplify my intellect, I have added a collection of hormones to signal my thyroid to remove nearly all limitations on my growth bar breaking out of my own flesh. As for ayahuasca, it is intended to manifest out the darkest reflection of the self, making it into a Hyde formula that shall unveil my basest of instincts in hopes of normalizing the animalistic desire to rediscover them that dwells within us. From that I may urge my to-be mate to take up the mantle like Vikings and Crusaders of yore, buffing the country out of its Weimarican decadence.  I do not think I can describe the effects while whatever transformative effects take place following ingestion so I shall record the video of this room and write my observations when I am able to again.

Day 2

Just woke up. Nude. Whole bed coated in sweat. Hungry. Horny. Checking downstairs to see my footage.

The stairs creak from my own steps, walking makes me feel warm even when the slightest breeze trickles across my skin.  Trying to fit myself into the chair now. Its spine it practically form-fitting to my butt. I’m feeling real sexy. Worried I may have overdone my own libido into a thot mindset. That could end up deteriorating my own mind to the point I forget my own purpose. Also feeling delicious, whatever that means.

While watching the footage I will also recount what I felt last night now that I have something for reference. Need a lens of reality for verification’s sake.

First I remember reeling back immeadiately from the pungent flavor of the concoction, swallowing it as it gurgled down my throat down into my chest.  As I watched my hands clutch my heart, I recalled that immeadiate feeling like it was about to burst from my own body before the pumping sensation pulsed out into my own chest. I watched my hands fondle my boobs for a moment, wobbling down to my knees the moment my nipples hardened.  Bubbles caressed my hands from my cupped chest, feeling some of the flesh now seeping into the space between my fingers. I took a hard look at the lustful eyes I had at my expanding chest, pausing to look down and see the growth from last night there seemed to have retained before continuing on from where I left off.

“Ooooooohh,” I had uttered upon feeling my breasts grow and push my hands now more firmly against my bra, urging me to remove them so they wouldn’t have their blood flow cut off. My increasingly top heavy form led me to lean more naturally forward until I sat back into my chair, feeling what now seemed to be both my bra and shirt digging into my chest. The gurgling sound intensified like a fizzing cauldron, feeling my titflesh now exposed to an opening seam in my shirt.

TIK! The button over my boobs snapped off as they swelled out of the fabric, pointing less straight as they took a more humplike shape, going from a firm orb pair now to a pair of, well, pears. Flesh rubbed against the fabric again as I felt another fizzing from my puppies. Putting my hands on them, I immeadiately felt a jolt shoot straight into my pussy that led my legs into crossing inward like it was pulling me towards the core.

At this point I will talk about the ayahuasca and how it shaped my transformation. As I was developing a rack beyond even the cosmopolitans’ most destructive plastic surgeries, I was hallucinating the room around me turn to a dark cave, followed by the sensation a cock motorboating between my expanding tits. What I was actually doing was shoving the test-tube I drank from into my own cleavage, riding it as it collected the dripping sweat beads from both the nearby pores and my forehead. When I felt a cumming sensation splash from this overexcited penis, it was actually the collection of this sweat back into my face. When I turned up to see who I thought I was pleasing, I saw a filthy kebab as the rest of my clothes were now seen as slave gear: shackles, gold-plating, jewelry, and harem pants. Surrounded by me were those foolish men complaining about “patriarchy” now slaves on his farm, tending to his goats.

“REMOVE!” I shouted, crushing the flask as a duo of biceps burst through the shirt in one flex. During that time I saw myself crushing the penis, a mixture of semen and blood spraying in my face from the aftermath. I ran to the “slaves,” which was actually my collection of PVC figurines, hoping they would run for liberty, but they all kissed my legs and feet assuming I was their new master. At this moment I became fully aware the ayahuasca was bringing out my darkest self, and to overcome it I had to use the strength I had gifted myself in order to pass it on back to its natural gender.

I grabbed one of the men in my vision while my actual self grabbed a figure of Guts, sliding the figure that represented his cock down my vagina. As the oversized sword scraped my vulva, I felt the arousal jolt spread across my groin, feeling my labia press out against my legs. Two pussy cheeks formed as I felt my own cum wrap around the cock after just one slide, watching as the recording of me showed that cum drip all over Guts from his sword to his feet.

“I am gonna have the worst camel toe,” I noted as I watched my pussy swallow a now horse-sized penis in one slide, pulling his body up with my own vaginal muscles. The Guts figure was now entirely in my groin. My body took a figure of Camilla and shoved it in back as my vision self impulsively stuck her rear into another guy, watching my mouth go full ahegao as a full layer of sweat coat my face, then flow down the rest of my body like a dripping shower.

“W-why did I impulsively go full sodomite?” I panicked for a moment before the ecstasy pertaining to my libido peaked again, feeling not only my chest fizz with the concoction, but now also my rear.

I deliberately wore a leather belt because I wanted to watch it shred, finding myself masturbate to my own growth video as the metal rod clicked one step back as two buttocks pushed back, then jolted out as I thrust my ass through Camilla’s waist, feeling the front of my stretched panties shred after being pulled into my vulva and getting torn upfront by Guts’ sword. This loosened the pull my panties also had upfront, as all but Camilla’s base was swallowed by my ass.

My leather belt’s lock was now starting to strain. Between my now buttock-sized labia and my ebony-tier badonkadonk, I felt the buckle clench into the leather as I pulled my hands now towards it, breaking off the rod when I tried to pry it open and watched it crumble to dust when I opened my hand. Too excited to even question how the clothes I was actually wearing was now overlapping with those I was imagining, I now felt the base of Guts seep through the front of my panties and shred it out as a deluge of cum gently slid the figure out into contact with my denim jeans’ zipper. A creamy sensation began filling my butt again, thrusting the belt open as the waist of my pants began digging into my skin. The base of Guts broke my zipper open while my butt’s responding drop from the force popped the button open. My clit was now against the cold floor, a mucosal layer of cum around Guts to the point none of my skin could sense it any more.  The widening of my girth also led to a hole large enough for my butt to push out Camilla with its swelling, feeling the meat now spread to my thighs.

“OH GOD I’M THICC!” I growled, my voice turning lower in pitch with a sultry inflection, feeling my hair now fall down from a modest bowl cut to a full shoulder length mass of brunette silk as it clung to my neck from the sheer amount of sweat I was exuding.  Whatever empty space was created by my pants opening up front was quickly filled by a soft creamy layer of meat blossoming from the gaps, pushing my clit into my opened zipper with an orgasmic humming sensastion. I felt the fizzing return, puncturing holes into my jeans as skin escaped out through the seams, peeling my thighs open like bananas…. mmmm….. I could use a lot of bananas. My waist also gained greater definition as I grasped a dildo I had used for sex practice, watching a normally slender frame thicken to a washboard rectangle, then gurgle as the fizzing put a layer of meat so that it matched my thighs. Walking up to the strongest slave, I met my Chad to break me out of the ayahuasca trial.

“You will be my wife, make me strong children of a nuclear family,” I commanded as the dildo that used to feel like it was stretching out my vagina now made a perfect snug fit, clenching it with my flexed pussy muscles as cum continues to squirt of from my seemingly everlasting orgasm. The slave was convinced of his duty as he finally grew the pair (literally) to thrust me on bottom, clamping his hands to mine as he thrust his dick in and kept jerking it from inside.

“YES MY CHAD, THIS IS YOUR GENDER’S CALLING ROLE!” I screamed as my own hands clenched, watching a normally petite set suddenly grow veiny and crackle, spreading down to my arms as my biceps swelled out again, dislocating the balls in my shoulders until I felt the ends of my arms attain a width comparable to my own breasts, then extend this muscle to the upper half of my arms. My hands used the newfound space to also expand, becoming the size of my own head with a hulkish figure in contrast to the rest of my body that could still be seen as ladylike. In response Chad’s cock was now pushing into my stomach, feeling a pressure point as it pointed into my navel, but then I felt two lumps sandwiching between it. Pressing against my gut as Chad held me down, I felt the lumps jab out into bricks, then felt rows upon rows of bricks climb up as I saw a bodybuilder collection of abs squeeze all the cum out of his cock while my thick pussy swallowed his balls to carry the rest up through the fallopian tubes. Feeling a warm ejaculation up to my chest, the fizzing around my boobs suddenly turned sharper as the cum solidified to sinew from within, growing into two slaps of pecs that merged with my titflesh. The skin remained soft but the meat was a hard rubbery feel.

Chad had tired out from having his cock squeezed to the last drop, so I kicked my legs back to pull out. Clasping my hands together, I was amazed despite their masculine form the skin on them still maintained a ladylike softness. While they initially seemed needlessly large for me, I noticed the new size made me able to cup my breasts again, much to my joy. The fizzing now went to my obliques, building a smaller set of bricks on each side, then trailed all the way down to my butt as the rubbery feel enveloped my ass, pushing me to test my new assets on Chad’s dick as it slid the rod right through to a sweet spot that left me spilling yet another cum deluge. My thighs fizzled as I felt rubber on rubber before my pussy flexed a nice thigh gap so they wouldn’t chafe, and as I stood up straight finally once more I felt the remainder of my jeans burst from two massive calf explosions, sending another shockwave as my feet split their shoes to shreds, reaching an area comparable to my hands right when I felt the pressure was about to shatter them as bits of shoelace flew all the way into my hair. The remainder of my shirt groaned as my back widened to straighten my boobs out, fully pushing my shoulders through the cloth as two caps literally fleshed out from their covers. The buttons around my abs were starting to feel the strain of the pressing onslaught of growth, the fizzing of bricks coated in sweat marking block-shaped stains until the button below my boobs snapped off to show an Olympian gut underneath, then chained the rest of the buttons downward until the jolt traveled back to my pussy, pushing out one final wave of cum as my vision returned back to normal.

“I… overdid it. I need a tough daddy to dominate me but my Chad is gonna look at this like it’s my job to dominate him,” I panted as I laid down on a bed of sweat for a second before getting back up, realizing my brain was now running wild with emotions. I was hungry, horny, and thirsty….. a lot like how I just woke up.

“It’s late at night, and while it’s degenerate to go so risqué I have no fitting clothes atm,” I muttered, crawling out of the door as my boobs got stuck for a moment. With a sexual thrust I pulled them out, only to find myself crawling in my own cum from that point because I was so easily aroused, something that I hoped to mitigate with intellect but was as much of a slave to as any whore. My butt was even harder, pushing the door’s structure open as I pushed out. Looking back, I saw the damage was still there. Despite being pitch black outside, I was able to sense what was outside, perhaps a new power my Hyde formula granted. In this darkness I noticed my skin also gave off an albino hue, the purest white imaginable. From that point my memory turned to a blur, racing to the nearest restaurant and ransacking the place to crave my hunger and thirst, then began seeking the men for my ideal Chad. Somewhere that search turned into an orgy, stuffing a faggot of dicks in my pussy hoping my body would sift out the most ideal semen. I worry that may have made me a future single mother, the modern Eves who subverted society with a neo-Original Sin that set us into the first steps of our population crisis. Today wasn’t much better because whatever feed and drink I had satiated earlier has resurged just as fiercely over a single night’s sleep. I feel like an animal chasing primal instincts as intended, but not the ones I hoped to as a tradwife-to-be. I will return to writing this after another day spent…. satiating myself.

Day 3

Milk. Milk. I’ve been obsessed with milk over the last trek. I think I am at least in touch with my Hyde that I can recognize my own actions, but controlling them in a less degenerate manner remains a challenge. I’ve been intaking mass amounts of dairy to accommodate my new strength, and taken in a bodybuilder from the gym as my future husband. The fridge has been restocks and I restraightened my door, stretching it out so I can walk out normally again. I’ve sewn myself a more traditional dress to wear for my Chad when he awakens, but hidden a surprise Confederate flag bikini underneath as a surprise for him.


His conditioning is gonna take some time to break; he’s still overwhelmed with everything that happened. I’m gonna have to break him like the Chad in my vision, but I think I can make him the Chadam to my Hydeve after I push him to that breaking point. The hardest part was making the cure for society, so I’ll come back to this much later once I have a proper report on its implementation.

Day 300

My god, lactation is the most magical feeling. It’s like all the milk I drank returned the favor by jiggling within me. It’s the greatest massage to watch your tits swell with milk as a baby suckles upon your own life force, attaining the nutrients he needs to form a right mindset and physicality. It just flows out with the nice suckling upon your teat, and it makes your boobs even bigger along the way. Chad wants to be called Brian, his ZOG name, so I have to reassert dominance every now and then so he remembers what we’re escaping from. Oh god, I just realized how late this update is. Chad raised great money building growth factories with his infused engineering intellect, which we used to spread our will among /our people/. Our baby is named Dick btw, like I’ve been craving dick even while pregnant. I have frankly been a degenerate sexfiend due to my Hyde, but I believe I ca-


Oh fuck, I got in another orgy. Again. I built the genes for a trad lifestyle but our minds are basically sex slaves when we can be free. I don’t think this is trad but I can’t resist it with this body and it spread to the tribe like wildfire. Then again, we need a mass of children to undo our population decline, and considering the space conquests begin today, this may actually hold its advantages, much as my conscience weighs against it.

Diary of a Trad Hyde Woman
I wonder if I am the first person to literally write a pol-themed fmg on here, but I'll admit I haven't checked


Parsa Hadidi
United States


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